The Western Australian Cerificate of Education (WACE) is a world standard highly flexible Australian curriculum recognised throughout the world.

This is an exciting time for young people to Make their Mark on the World
The World-of-Work is Changing & there are many opportunities to explore

Through technology and automation, the world has become more connected, information can be shared instantly and, in many industries, physical location is no longer relevant. It is expected that a 15-year-old today will experience a portfolio career, potentially having 17 different jobs over five careers in their lifetime. They will require transferable skills that will enable them to adapt, and succeed in roles across a range of industries and professions. And they will be expected to have these skills before they enter the workforce. Our school programs ensure children and young people develop these skills early on, so when they graduate and enter the next phase of their life – whether that be university, further training or employment – they will be ready. These skills include:
colour pencil

Literacy & Numeracy

Digital Literacy

Life Skills, Resilience & Self-Care

Working & Communicating with Others & Showing Inititative

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Skills

Critical Analysis, Problem Solving & Evaluation

Planning, Organising & Taking Responsibility

Presentation Skills

Visit Australia or the United Kingdom

Students studying English are also offered the opportunity to visit Australia and/or the United Kingdom via an exchange program or through participation in the regular school trips. A trip to Australia runs every second year and includes visits to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as a short home stay experience. Students travelling to Australia spend five weeks in country and live with a host family and attend an Australian school

For those interested in longer term exchange overseas, there are a number of organisations that provide such opportunities and assist with all of the arrangements. Some links are included below. The programs vary in length from three months to twelve months.

*The listing of the programs below in no way indicates any endorsement of any particular program.

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An important aspect of considering an education choice for your child is seeing the Prospective School in Action, getting a feel for the community and being able to witness first hand some of the facilities and programs on offer. To do this we encourage families to attend our Open Mornings or Talk and Tours .


We hold a number of Open Mornings each term that
take place on various weekdays. During our Open
Mornings, you will have the opportunity to meet our
Principal, staff and students. A vibrant student-led tour
of the School will follow the Principal’s address.


Please keep an eye on our website for details of our 2021/2022 Open Evening.

Apply Now for September and January

The International School of Western Australia is an open-entry coeducational school currently teaching years 11 and 12.  These final two years in the WACE curriculum are broadly understood as being equivalent to the United Kingdom’s Advanced Level.  Our foundation program runs for three months leading up until commencement of the WACE award program of two years. Students may apply for entry at commencing periods in June and January. To complete an expression of interest, please send us as message, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

Our Campus is located on the premises of the IIHS Campus in Welisara No 704 Negombo Rd, Welisara, Sri Lanka